Fictional Work
Story: Noninterference
Religion: Margush River Valley pantheon
God of: Moons
Type of Appearance: Referenced

Illil was a goddess of the Bilbeis IV moons, who was worshiped by Margush River Valley city-states including Helmand. When Survey Service agents David Ware and Julian Crouzet visited Helmand in 1186 FSY, they saw statues of Illil holding a moon in each hand, alongside portraits of the mortal Queen Sabium of Helmand, who was considered Illil's viceregent on Bilbeis IV.

Ware and Crouzet administered a new medicine to the terminally-ill Queen Sabium[1] and in the process inadvertently spelled doom for Illil. The medicine was so powerful that it turned Sabium herself into a goddess, or at least something close enough for government work. With a living goddess in their midst, the people of Helmand and neighboring towns began worshiping Sabium only, and the religions of Illil and other deities faded away for lack of interest.[2]


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