Hŭngnam is a city in North Korea. It is a port city on the eastern coast, in South Hamgyong Province, on the Sea of Japan (East Sea of Korea). The city covers an area of 250 square kilometers. It is only eight miles from the slightly inland city of Hamhung. In 2005 it became a ward of Hamhung. It appears to be the third largest city in North Korea, but as the population size of the city is uncertain (the North Korean government claims a population of 700,000, but their data is notorious for its unreliability).

The port at Hŭngnam was the site of a major evacuation of both United Nations military and North Korean civilians during the Korean War in late December 1950. Approximately 100,000 troops and material and 100,000 civilians were loaded onto a variety of merchant ships and military transports totaling 193 shiploads over the weeks leading up to Christmas 1950, and were transported to safety to destinations in South Korea.

Hungnam in The Hot WarEdit

In November 1950, U.N. forces were attempting to retreat to Hungnam after Red Chinese forces entered the Korean War. On 23 November, Chinese troops were able to encircle about three divisions of U.S. troops, cutting them off from Hungnam. Over the next weeks, the Chinese systematically destroyed the U.S. divisions.[1]


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