George S. Long

Earl Long

In OTL, Louisiana politician Huey Long had two notable brothers:

Earl Kemp Long (August 26, 1895 – September 5, 1960), Huey's younger brother, was a colorful American politician and three-time Democratic governor of Louisiana (1939–1940, 1948–1952, 1956–1960). Earl was quite flamboyant in his own right, and shared an uneasy relationship with Huey.

George Shannon "Doc" Long (September 11, 1883 – March 22, 1958), the eldest of the Long children, who, after a career as a lawyer and a dentist, served a stint in the United States House of Representatives (1953-1959).

Huey Long's Brothers in Southern Victory[]

After Huey Long's assassination and the takeover of Louisiana in 1937, the Freedom Party went after Huey Long's brothers next. One was placed in Camp Dependable, and the other was shot by Freedomites and reported as dying in an accident.[1]

Literary comment[]

Since the series' only reference to the brothers is a brief mention which does not identify either by name, nor state which fate happened to which brother, there is insufficient material for a coherent in-universe article.


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