Hu Zhiaoxing
Fictional Character
"Getting Real"
Set in the Future
Type of Appearance: Direct POV
Species: Human
Nationality: People's Republic of China
Date of Birth: 21st century
Occupation: Diplomat

Third Minister Hu Zhiaoxing was a Chinese diplomat stationed on Catalina Island off the U.S. west coast.

In 2117, Hu, along with his aide Wang Zemin, met with Secretary of State Jackson, Secretary of Defense Berkowitz and Secretary of the DEA Kojima in Los Angeles to discuss Chinese distribution of Real. The Americans demanded that the Chinese stop pushing the drug on Americans. Hu mildly explained that Real wasn't a drug but a consumer product which the Chinese distributed to willing customers. Further, the U.S. had nothing nearly so interesting with which to compete and so were trying unfairly to restrict trade. The Americans replied with a warning of war if the Chinese persisted. On that note the conference ended and Hu returned to Catalina.

After the U.S. failed in its attacks on Chinese holdings on the Channel Islands, Hu again met with the U.S. authorities, this time via video. He indicated that he was safe and comfortable on Catalina Island and that the U.S. could not harm him or China. He offered terms, that the U.S. agree to allow Chinese distribution of Real without legal penalty, that Chinese citizens arrested in the U.S. be tried in Chinese courts to ensure fairness and that the U.S. pay a moderate indemnity, then China would end hostilities. The U.S. refused.

After the Chinese punitive raid on Los Angeles, Hu once again met with the three U.S. Secretaries. This time, as the losing party, the U.S. officials went to Catalina Island. They met on the dock where Hu dictated terms.

First, the U.S. would place no further restriction on the distribution of the entertainment known as Real and any criminal or civil penalties would be declared null and void. Second, China would receive a 99 year lease on the ports of San Pedro and Long Beach for one dollar a year. Third, these ports would have no duty on imports although the Chinese reserved the right to impose duties on U.S. products entering the territory. Finally, the U.S. would pay an indemnity of twenty trillion dollars in gold or petroleum or uranium or hard currency to be agreed upon. The full amount was to be paid within ten years.

After Secretary Jackson expressed outrage over the harsh terms, he and his colleagues had no option but to agree. They signed the documents in Chinese and English (with the Chinese authoritative) and then left for the U.S.

Hu had nothing but contempt for Real and its users, finding the experience loud and the primary colors blinding. Instead he preferred the dignity in the rituals and the tranquility of smoking opium.