Hripirt was both the name of a planet and of the sentient beings who lived there. The Hripirt were transactional in nature, valuing creativity and productivity, but also avarice and duplicity. Thus, every interaction was seen as an opportunity for monetary gain.[1]

The Hripirt were an advanced spacefaring race, and sought out other sentient species. One such occasion had a tragic result: a sentient race who resembled peapods had made decomposition into a religious cult. The planet smelled terrible, and one of the natives killed a Hripirt solely to see her rot. The Hripirt left the peapod planet and never returned.[2]

The Hripirt had a better reception on Earth, where they opened up diplomatic relations with several local governments. A large number of Terrans expressed a desire to visit the Hripirt homeworld, necessitating the founding of the Hripirt Selection Center, an immigration bureau to establish strict criteria for permission to visit. The general rule was that humans would be allowed to travel there if they had the qualities the Hripirt valued. This could be difficult, as Terrans held a negative view of certain of the traits the Hriprit prized.[3]

Drones was a popular human slang for Hripirt. It could be derogatory or not, depending on the context.[4]


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