Fictional Character
"The Golden Fir"
Type of Appearance: Direct POV
Nationality: Valnia
Religion: Goddesses and gods of Valnia
Occupation: Queen of Valnia

Hovsefa was the ruler of the Queendom of Valnia.[1] Her medium-sized monarchy's chief talisman was the Golden Fir, which stood among conventional trees in the Vale of Meshov.[2] Through some unknown means, the health of Hovesfa became tied to the health of the Golden Fir. When branchrot struck the Golden Fir, Hovesefa's health abruptly declined.[3]

The first signs came when Hovsefa began to feel ill during a meeting with minister Ariam and mage Purvasa regarding a trade agreement with the Gasterok. When Hovsefa yawned, she began coughing until she produced blood. At Ariam's suggestion, Hovsefa consulted a healer named Ashta, who found a growth in Hovesefa's throat. Ashta conceded that the growth was likely fatal, and offered various medicines to ease Hovesefa's pain as the end drew near. Desperate, Hovesefa also consulted a priest named Kashkar, who suggested prayer and sacrifice to the goddesses and gods could help, but was unwilling to promise she would be healed.[4]


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