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The Tudor family was a family which became England's ruling dynasty in 1485 when Henry VII defeated Richard III at the Battle of Bosworth. Henry was succeeded by his son, Henry VIII, who was in turn succeeded by his son, Edward VI, then Henry VIII's older daughter, Mary I, and finally Henry's younger daughter, Elizabeth I.

Tudor in Ruled BritanniaEdit

In 1588, Tudor rule was disrupted when the Spanish Armada conquered England, deposed Queen Elizabeth, and installed the Spanish princess Isabella (a descendant of the Lancaster line) on the throne as Queen of England. She belonged to the powerful continental European Catholic Hapsburg dynasty. Her father, King Philip II of Spain, had once been married to Mary Tudor.

In 1598, a popular uprising led by Robert Cecil expelled Isabella from England and restored Elizabeth, and with her Tudor rule, to the throne.

Tudors Edit

Monarchs of EnglandEdit

Other Members of the Tudor FamilyEdit

  • Arthur, Prince of Wales
  • Queen-Consort Margaret of Scotland
  • Queen-Consort Mary of France
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