The House of Daniel was a barnstorming semi-pro baseball team in the early 20th century. Based in Cornucopia, Wisconsin, they toured all over the United States. The House was an eccentric team noted for the religious theme behind its founding, and its team uniforms' inclusion of beards. As their name implied, the House placed an emphasis on Christian values, and made the Book of Daniel of the Bible one of their central texts.

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New Mexico[]

Colorado (before the Denver Post tournament)[]

The Denver Post tournament[]

Finals against the Pittsburgh Crawdads took place over June 21-23, 1934. The Crawdads won the first game, the House won the last two, and the tournament.

Remainder of Colorado[]






Literary comment[]

The House of Daniel is based on The Israelite House of David (often referred to as The House of David for short), a religious commune co-founded by Benjamin and Mary Purnell in Benton Harbor, Michigan, in March 1903. While the baseball team was only one aspect of the House of David, the fictional House of Daniel is referenced only in the context of the team.