The fleur-de-lys was the symbol of the Alliance.

The Holy Alliance was a military alliance and political union of France, Spain, and their colonies and constituent nations. One of the three major powers of the globe, the Alliance maintained a substantial empire on the Continent of Europe, as well as abroad.[1] The Alliance was engaged in a multi-lateral cold war with Britain and Russia.[2]

The House of Bourbon was the reigning dynasty of the Alliance. In the late 20th century, the Alliance was ruled by King François IV, who held court at Versailles.[3] The Alliance secret police force of Inquisitors had a negative reputation in the British Empire.

The flag of the Alliance bore a fleur-de-lys.

In this time period, the Alliance supported the terrorist group Sons of Liberty, which was active in the North American Union, with arms and money - a completely opportunistic alliance aimed at embarrassing a rival, since obviously the Holy Alliance had little in common with the ideology of the "Sons," and had no interest in creating a precedent of colonies breaking away and becoming independent.

In 1995, one such plot was uncovered, leading to the expulsion of the Alliance ambassador, Le Comte Philippe Bonaparte, from American soil.


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