Hiram Rowbotham-Finch
Fictional Character
"One Touch of Hippolyta"
by Laura Frankos

Urban Fantasy
Type of Appearance: Posthumous references
Nationality: United Kingdom, later United States
Date of Birth: 19th century
Date of Death: 1919
Cause of Death: Influenza
Occupation: Archaeologist, Museum founder
Parents: Ned and Maud
Spouse: Unnamed wife
Children: "Badger"
Relatives: Rowbotham-Finch family
Professional affiliations: Hiram U. Rowbotham-Finch Museum

Hiram U. "Bulldog" Rowbotham-Finch was a British archaeologist, known for his erratic behavior. An encounter of fisticuffs with the great Richard Burton (not the actor) left Finch in disgrace in Britain, so he relocated to Graustarkton, Massachusetts.

In 1872, Finch excavated the site of ancient Amaseia in what had been the Kingdom of Pontus, and discovered a marvelous statue of an Amazon warrior, believed to be the great Queen Hippolyta. He returned with the statue to Graustarkton, putting it in what would become the Hiram U. Rowbotham-Finch Museum.