Characters From Greek Mythology
Nationality: Realm of the Amazons (usually considered to be within Greek culture)
Religion: Greek pantheon
Cause of Death: Killed in action
Occupation: Queen, General
Parents: Ares and Harmonia
Spouse: Theseus (in some versions)
Children: Hippolytus (nephew in some versions)
Relatives: Antiope, Penthesilea (sisters)
Turtledove Appearances:
"One Touch of Hippolyta"
by Laura Frankos

Urban Fantasy
Type of Appearance: Posthumous reference
Nationality: Pontus

In ancient Greek mythology, Hippolyta (Ιππόλυτα, from words meaning "horse" and "let loose") was the Queen of the Amazons. She possessed a magical girdle (a waist belt that signified her authority) given to her by her father Ares, the god of war. Hippolyta figures prominently in the myths of both Heracles and Theseus. The myths about her are varied enough that they may be a conflation of stories about different characters.

Hippolyta in "One Touch of Hippolyta"[]

A statue of an Amazon warrior from Pontus was discovered in 1872 and placed in the Hiram U. Rowbotham-Finch Museum. While the statue was long believed to represent Hippolyta, it was in fact a minor warrior named Harmothoe. After being magically reborn in 2015, Harmothoe explained to assistant curator Elena Jimenez that her tribe had a taboo against naming any further daughters Hippolyta, to reserve that name for the honored original.

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