Fictional Character
The War Between the Provinces
Appearance(s): Sentry Peak;
Marching Through Peachtree;
Advance and Retreat
Type of Appearance: Direct POV
Nationality: Detina
Religion: Detinan pantheon
Occupation: Soldier, educator

Hesmucet was a general in the Detinan army during the Detinan Civil War. He was also a friend and colleague of Bart. Bart and Hesmucet advocated for one another at different points in their careers. Hesmucet commanded a wing of Bart's army at the battle of Rising Rock, and following that battle, when Bart was promoted to Marshal, Hesmucet was made commander of King Avram's forces in the east. He led his army through Peachtree Province toward the City of Marthasville, which he took and burned to the ground to spare his forces the need to occupy it. Hesmucet then led his army on a March To the Western Ocean, living off the land so he would not have to worry about supply lines. The march was largely unopposed, since Northern Lt. General Bell led the Army of Franklin into Franklin Province rather than offer Hesmucet battle. Hesmucet detached Doubting George to defend Franklin Province against Bell.

Though loyal in the extreme to King Avram, Hesmucet was sympathetic to Detina's northern culture, and was not opposed to serfdom for Detina's blonds. At the beginning of the war, he was teaching in a military collegium in Old Capet, resigning immediately to return south. His love for the north did not stop him from devastating the area with total war.

Hesmucet was named for Hesmucet, the blond chieftain who so effectively fought Detina in the War of 1218. As a younger man, Hesmucet was sometimes mocked for this by his fellow Detinans. By how he acted and talked, his own opinion of blonds was not high.

Literary comment[]


Hesmucet is based on General William Tecumseh Sherman. Hesmucet is Tecumseh spelled backwards.