In the summer of 2010, newly selected Führer of the Greater German Reich Heinz Buckliger addressed several prominent Nazi Party leaders in a secret session in Nuremberg. Among those in the audience were officers of the Wehrmacht and the SS, including Reichsführer-SS Lothar Prützmann.

The speech was not directly released to the German people; Walther Stutzman was probably the only non-government official to look at it. It was of considerable length (as was the discretion of the Führer). In it, Buckliger argued about the prior actions of the Reich. He stated that for too long, the Reich "had been founded on one thing and one thing only: terror." Further, Buckliger announced that his predecessors had been revered as gods, "but they are only men, with all the failings to which men are heir." He continued that the Reich could not continue its empire economically. Finally, Buckliger asked if everything the Nazi Party said about the superior Aryan race was true, what explained the recent successes of the Japanese, "who have not mingled their blood with Aryan stock any time recently[.]"

The speech set off a quiet but powerful firestorm of emotion within the Party, particularly among the SS. While the people did not get to see or hear the speech, the unguarded chatter of stunned and outraged officials quickly tipped off most Germans as to the themes of the speech, if not the specific content. Subsequent speeches from Buckliger confirmed this, and a substantial movement began within Germany and the Greater Reich.

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