"Hatching Season"  
Analog Dec1985.jpg
Author Harry Turtledove, as Eric G. Iverson
First Appearance Analog Magazine
Genre(s) Science fiction
Publication date December, 1985

"Hatching Season" is a time travel science fiction short story by Harry Turtledove (writing as Eric Iverson), Analog 12/85, reprinted in Dinosaurs!, edited by Jack Dann, Ace 1990, and Dinosaurs, edited by Martin H. Greenberg, Niagara, 1996.

Focusing on time-traveling paleontologist Paula Shaffer and her field study of hadrosaur hatching season in the Cretaceous Period. After imprinting herself on a newly hatched hadrosaur, Paula finds herself running for her life from predatory gorgosaurs. After a harrowing night lost in the woods, Paula and her hadrosaur are able to make their way back to the hatching grounds, and Paula returns home.

Literary Critique[]

"Hatching Season" is an entertaining, if conventional, story, featuring a thrilling chase while engaging (very lightly) some of the theories about dinosaur and dinosaur behavior.

See also[]

  • "Lure," another story about using time travel for paleontology. Turtledove has not specified whether the stories are connected.