Hanover was the second capital city of the United States of Atlantis, as well as a state of Atlantis. New Hastings served as the country's first capital from the Treaty of Croydon until after the Atlantean Servile Insurrection.[1]

The city was founded as Stuart in the 17th century by English colonists and named after the British royal family. It was from Stuart that legendary merchant William Radcliff launched the armada whose devastating raid against Red Rodney Radcliffe's stronghold, destroying the pirate forces of Avalon. However, following the accession of the royal house of Hanover in the 18th century, the town was renamed.

By 1761, Hanover was known by the nickname "London in Small," and had a zoo with a tiger in it.

A dozen years after the end of the colonial war, Hanover found itself garrisoned by British military forces as tensions seethed between some Atlanteans and the British government over taxation. Victor Radcliff pointed out to Erasmus Radcliff that Hanover did not automatically equate to Atlantis as a whole, and that they should tread lightly.