Hamnet Thyssen
Fictional Character
The Opening of the World
Appearance(s): Beyond the Gap;
The Breath of God;
The Golden Shrine
Type of Appearance: Direct POV
Nationality: Raumsdalia
Religion: Worship of God
Occupation: Soldier, Nobleman, Explorer
Spouse: Gudrid (divorced)

Count Hamnet Thyssen was a Raumsdalian member of the expedition that travelled to the Gap in the Glacier, that was once thought to be unpassable, to see what lay north of the Glacier.

Bitter at the infidelity of his ex-wife Gudrid, whom he still loved somewhat, he accepted his sovereign Sigvat II's order to join the expedition. However, he was uncomfortable since he was accompanied by his spiteful ex-wife and her husband Earl Eyvind Torfinn

During the expedition, he was the leader even though Eyvind Torfinn held higher noble rank. During the journey through and back from the Gap, the normally gloomy Thyssen soon developed a dry friendship with Ulric Skakki and fell in love with a Bizogot shaman, Liv. However while the latter shared his feelings she refused to come with him to his castle in Raumsdalia.

Disillusioned at his sovereign for not listening to warning about the Rulers' threat and wanting to live with his love, he accepted Trasamund and Liv's offer to live with the Three Tusk Clan. He was joined by Skakki and the wizard Audun Gilli only to find the clan decimated at the Ruler's invasion. This only strengthened his resolve to fight back.

He fought back hard, but his band was soon destroyed by the Rulers. He and a few survivors escaped by climbing up the Glacier. There they found cannibal Bizogots whose ancestors had fled to the Glacier long ago. They later came down with a powerful shaman Marcovefa.

Thyssen led this ragtag band to the Empire, where his lover Liv deserted him to him. He was consoled by his next lover, Marcovefa. In the Empire, Sigvat imprisoned him in the dungeons but was forced to free and make him general when the Rulers invaded Raumsdalia.

The next few months was spent fighting the Rulers. His greatest significance in the fight was having sexual intercourse with a comatose Marcovefa, who was destined to destroy the Rulers and did. He also visited the Golden Shrine where he was told to recite "Mene, Mene, Tekel, Upharsin" to Sigvat, who thoroughly was despised by Thyssen for his incompetence. This caused the Emperor to abdicate. Thyssen, who had the chance, declined to accept the position of Emperor.