The Halogai inhabited the country of Halogaland and revered their own pantheon of gods and delighted in battle. They battled afoot and wielded giant axes and wore their hair long in braids. Haloga is the singular form. Halogai often became mercenaries for the Empire of Videssos. Along with the Ronams, the Halogai were the only folk known to the Empire who preferred fighting afoot to fighting as cavalry. They typically wielded two-handed axes and wore heavy chainmail armor when fighting.

The Halogai had strong notions of honor, and also appeared to believe in a fixed fate or destiny for all men. They would frequently sing in battle, making music strong enough to move even Marcus Scaurus, who was thoroughly unmusical.

Seafaring Halogai pirates conquered the island province of Kalavria from the Empire of Videssos a few centuries before the arrival of the Ronams, turning it into the Duchy of Namdalen.

Literary Comment[]

The Halogai are analogous to the Germanic and Scandinavian tribes, including the Vikings. The Haloga Imperial Guardsmen are analogs of the Varangian Guard of the Byzantine Empire.

In-universe, the Haloga religion is frequently stated to be polytheistic, but little if any information about Haloga gods or doctrine is ever shared.