Fictional Character
"The Daimon"
POD: 415 BCE
Type of Appearance: Direct
Nationality: Sparta
Date of Birth: c. 425 BC
Date of Death: c. 415 BC
Cause of Death: Throat slit after fatal belly wound
Occupation: Soldier

Gylippos was a 10-year-old Spartan boy. He was fatally injured by an Athenian spear while fighting for the city during Alkibiades' attack. The injury was not immediately fatal. Sokrates ended the boy's pain by slitting his throat. Gylippos' grandmother thanked Sokrates for doing so. When she admitted that she would kill Sokrates if she could, Sokrates pointed out that the women of Athens would feel the same way, and that the symmetry did not surprise him. Angered by his talk of symmetry, the old woman spat at his feet.[1]

Literary Note[]

In OTL Alkibiades defected to the Spartans when ordered to return to Athens to stand trial. He urged the Spartans to send a general to lead the Syracusan resistance against the Athenian expedition and they sent a general named Gylippus who defeated the Athenians led by Nikias. While clearly not the same person, this fictional character seems to be named after the historical general.


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