Fictional Character
The Opening of the World
Appearance(s): Beyond the Gap;
The Breath of God;
The Golden Shrine
Type of Appearance: Direct
Nationality: Raumsdalia
Religion: Worship of God
Occupation: Nobility, Explorer
Spouse: Hamnet Thyssen (divorced);
Eyvind Torfinn

Gudrid was Count Hamnet Thyssen's wife until he discovered she was unfaithful. After he divorced her, she married Eyvind Torfinn, an earl many years her senior. Even though they was divorced, she always made barbed comments to Count Thyssen, calculated to enrage him. His opinion of her was that she was a skilled adulturess, who would do anything for power or pleasure.

She used her position (Thyssen has a suspicion that the Raumsdalian Emperor Sigvat II allowed to travel with the expedition due to sexual favors) as Eyvind Torfinn's wife to get herself to be part of the expedition through the Gap and get into an intimate relationship with Trasamund. She was assigned a bodyguard. During the grueling voyage, she increasingly got snappish and jealous of Thyssen's obvious happiness with his lover, Liv.

After returning to Nidaros, she made every effort to torment Liv. Matters came to a head when she stepped on the Bizogot shaman's toe at a reception and Liv promptly used a spell to make her already half-off dress fall apart, resulting in a major scandal for Gudrid.

In revenge, she attempted to get Thyssen arrested or at least exile by Imperial orders but was foiled when the count simply refused to accept the order. This incident just reinforced Thyssen's belief that Gudrid had Sigvat's ear.