Grus of Avornis
Fictional Character
The Scepter of Mercy
Appearance(s): The Bastard King
The Scepter's Return
Type of Appearance: Direct POV
Nationality: Avornis
Religion: Pantheon of Avornis
Occupation: Sailor, Monarch
Spouse: Estrilda

Grus was an Avornan naval officer who eventually became co-king of Avornis, ruling with Lanius.

At age 30, Grus, a captain, commanded the river galley Tigerfish on the Stura. One night, not long after the reigning king, Mergus learned his concubine Certhia was pregnant, Grus dreamed of meeting the Banished One, the evil god who ruled the lands south of Avornis. The Banished One cryptically told Grus that he would fail, that they would all fail. Grus was able to push the Banished One away, but the incident foreshadowed more to come.[1] Grus dutifully sent a report back to his superiors, and informed both his lieutenant, Nicator, and the ship's wizard, Turnix about the dream. He never heard back from the capital.[2] Some time later, he carried a fleeing thrall from Menteshe lands to Anxa.[3]


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Political offices
(The Scepter of Mercy)
Preceded by
Lanius alone
King of Avornis
With: Lanius
(as co-king)
Succeeded by