Fictional Character
"The Garden Gnome Freedom Front" by Laura Frankos
Fantasy set in OTL
Type of Appearance: Direct
Species: Garden gnome
Nationality: France ("born" in Germany)
Date of Birth: 20th century
Spouse: Jiri (d. 1995),
Karl (from 1996)

Gretchen was a garden gnome of German manufacture, who "lived" with her husband Jiri in Saint-Clément, Normandy, in the 20th century. They lived next door to Vaclav, who, like Jiri, was "born" in Czechoslovakia. All three considered themselves naturalized French gnomes. In 1995, Jiri was tragically dropped on the pavement and shattered.[1]

On 26 September 1996, Gretchen, Vaclav, and five other gnomes of Saint-Clément were "liberated" by the Garden Gnome Freedom Front, an organization consisting entirely of Alizon Riand, Raquel Guibert, and Becca Milleron.


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