Gregory Hemingway
Historical Figure
Nationality: United States
Date of Birth: 1931
Date of Death: 2001
Cause of Death: Cardiovascular disease
Occupation: Author of Non-Fiction, Physician
Parents: Ernest Hemingway and Pauline Pfeiffer
Spouse: Four
Children: Nine
Relatives: Patrick Hemingway (brother)
Fictional Appearances:
"Cayos in the Stream"
POD: c. July, 1942
Type of Appearance: Contemporary references

Gregory Hancock Hemingway (November 12, 1931 – October 1, 2001), also known as Gigi, Gig, and Gloria Hemingway, was the third and youngest child of author Ernest Hemingway, and second son of Pauline Pfeiffer. He became a physician and authored a memoir of life with his father. Most of his life was marked by struggles with addiction (which eventually cost him his medical license), estrangement from his father, and uncertainty about his own gender identity.

Gregory Hemingway in "Cayos in the Stream"[]

Ernest Hemingway and sons Patrick and Gregory in Cuba in 1942, playing with kittens.

Ernest Hemingway took his sons Gigi and Patrick with him on his U-boat hunts off the coast of Cuba in 1942. While they weren't there when Hemingway finally found a U-boat, the fact that they could have been and would have been at risk was something Hemingway's wife, Martha Gellhorn used against him when she decided to leave.

Hemingway had private concerns about Gigi; the boy could be a little devil, and Hemingway was worried he'd turn out to be a homosexual.