The Golden Burgher was the hotel in Hanover, Atlantis that Inspector La Strada booked for Athelstan Helms and Doctor James Walton, when the two traveled to Atlantis to help investigate a series of murders. It was conveniently only a few blocks from police headquarters and while Walton thought it displayed vulgar ostentation, it in fact would not have been out of place in London.[1]

On the first night of their arrival in Atlantis, Helms and Walton dined in the hotel restaurant and on their return to their room found daggers buried hilt deep in the pillows of their beds.[2]

The next day Helms sought to contact The Preacher so went to a House of Universal Devotion and informed Rector Henry Praeger of his interest in speaking with him. While waiting for a reply, Helms set a laboratory in his room to analyze the daggers. He also poured over the files of the Hanover Herald on the House and the Preacher that La Strada had acquired for him from the newspaper.[3]

When not working, Helms thought about the case while playing a violin he had somehow procured at least until complaints from guests in adjoining rooms forced him to stop.[4]


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