Fictional Work
Story: The Opening of the World Series
Religion: Raumsdalian and Bizogot religion
God of: All
Type of Appearance: Referenced

God is the deity of both the Raumsdalian and Bizogot peoples. Both peoples practice a monotheistic religion which is also the basis of their magic. They agree that they worship the same God, though the actual religious practices of the two cultures are dramatically different at times.

One theological debate surrounding God is why He made the Glacier. Some say He made the Glacier to protect His people and their homeland from an evil race that lay to the north of it (a myth which may be based on some lost knowledge of the Rulers). Others say He made it to protect a paradise land to the north from the baseness of men in the known world (though if there is such a land it is unlikely that Raumsdalians and Bizogots posed a greater threat to it than the Rulers did). Still others do not see the relevance of this debate to their religious beliefs.