In "The Pugnacious Peacemaker," Harry Turtledove uses several unfamiliar synonyms for everyday objects, in both the Ketjwa and alternate English languages. Many of the English terms were introduced by L. Sprague de Camp in "The Wheels of If," to which Turtledove's story is a sequel.


Airwain - airplane.
Goodwain - a large automobile, e.g. truck, van, or bus.
Landstrait - isthmus.
Twoth - second.
Wirecaller - telephone.


Aka - a type of corn beer. When not spoken with the right inflection, it can sound like the word for dung.
Apuu maita - Marshal of the army.
Kantuut - a type of pink flower.
Ktjarkii - jerky (root of the English word).
Kuuraka - provincial governor.
Pampairuuna - a prostitute.
Patjam kuutiin - a fortune teller who reads coca leaf extracts.
Tamboo - storehouse.
Toora - a woman's brother.
Tjuunjuu - powdered baked potatoes.
Tukuuii riikook - Imperial inspector.
Waukej - a man's brother.