In "Freedom", the last story in A Different Flesh, and the only one to take place in the 20th century, Harry Turtledove introduces some jargon to remind us that this is an alternate history. While the meaning of most terms is immediately obvious from the context, some take a bit more effort to decipher, and the definitions should be taken as approximate. As the Federated Commonwealths of America incorporates more elements of the Roman Republic than the United States of America did in OTL, many have Latin roots.

List of alternate terms used in the story:

  • Air waggon - airplane
  • Collegium - university
  • Constabulary motorcoach - police car
  • Greencoat - police officer
  • Horseless - automobile
  • Mistress - honorific, apparently equivalent to "Ms."
  • Via - a main route for horseless/automobile traffic, see also Via LXVI