Fictional Character
"After the Last Elf is Dead"
Type of Appearance: Direct
Species: Human
Nationality: Dark Realm
Occupation: Soldier
Affiliations: The Dark Brother's Army

Gersner was Valsak's lieutenant during the war against the Western Realm. Valsak trusted Gersner because he didn't detect much ambition in the man. After the Dark Brother conquered the world, Gersner noted an increase in honorable tendencies in Valsak. After the siege of Oldivor's fortress, and the relatively lenient stance Valsak took with Oldivor's men, Gersner began watching Gersner carefully and silently. When Valsak confessed a growing admiration for the last holdouts against the Dark Brother, Gersner notified the Dark Brother, who ordered Valsak imprisoned and promoted Gersner to High Captain.

Military offices
(Fictional Work)
Preceded by
High Captain of the Dark Brother's forces
("After the Last Elf is Dead")
Succeeded by
Incumbent at story's end