Fictional Character
Shared Universe Story
"The Man who Came Late"
Type of Appearance: Referenced
Occupation: Tavernkeeper

Gerold operated a tavern in the small village that Alianora and Theodo made their home. When Sir Holger guested at their cottage, he commented that the beer Alianora made would put any tavern out of business if she wanted to sell it. Alianora and Theodo were taken aback and Theodo said it would not do to deprive Gerold of his livelihood. Alianora added that the work to make home-brew for her family was small but to make enough for the village would be a major undertaking.

Later in the evening, Sir Holger invited the two and their family to accompany him to Gerold's tavern as his treat in thanks for supper. They did but discovered the tavern had been magically replaced by The Old Phoenix inn. Only Sir Holger and Walacho, the village drunk who came up at the same time entered. Early the next morning, Alianora one again approached and found Gerold's tavern restored and Walacho outside the door with an empty mug, sleeping it off.

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