These characters are related by blood or marriage to Gerin the Fox.


Blestar was the youngest surviving child of Gerin the Fox and Selatre. He was named for his maternal grandfather.

Blestar (peasant)[]

Blestar was a peasant from the northland region near Ikos. His daughter Selatre was discovered to have the mark of Biton, thus she was chosen to become the Sibyl at Ikos, leaving her family's peasant life and entering history.


Clotild was the daughter of Gerin the Fox and Selatre. She was the younger sister of Dagref the Whip and the older sister of Blestar.

Dagref Duren's Son[]

Dagref was the heir to an Elabonian fiefdom in the northlands. He was expected to succeed his father Duren as baron of their holding. His younger brother Gerin the Fox, regarded as a "spare", was sent down to the capital of the Empire to study at the Sorcerer's Collegium of Elabon.

All this changed when Dagref and his father were killed fighting against the Trokmoi. Gerin was called away from his studies to take over the fiefdom.

As Gerin continued to fight against the Trokmoi and their fearsome new leader Balamung, he attracted the attention of ghosts. One ghost in particular seemed to take a special interest in him. His companions pointed out that this ghost looked very much like him, something which had not occurred to him because mirrors were an uncommon luxury in the northlands. But it soon became clear that the ghost was in fact that of his late brother.

Dagref the Whip[]

See Dagref the Whip.

Duren (Gerin's father)[]

Duren was a northern Elabonian baron of a fiefdom close to Trokmoi territory. He was expected to be succeeded by his eldest son Dagref. He sent his second son, Gerin the Fox, down to the Imperial capital to study at the Sorcerer's Collegium of Elabon. In a skirmish against the Trokmoi, both Duren and Dagref were killed by the Trokmoi, forcing Gerin to assume a role for which he was not prepared.

Duren Ricolf's grandson[]

See Duren Ricolf's grandson.


See Elise (Elabonian).

Gerin the Fox[]

See Gerin the Fox.


See Geroge.

Ricolf the Red[]

See Ricolf the Red.


See Selatre.


See Tharma.



Yrse was the sister of Valdabrun and the wife of Ricolf the Red. Elise was her only surviving child. Yrse died prior to Balamung's War.[1]


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