Fictional Character
"The Horse of Bronze"
Type of Appearance: Direct
Species: Mans
Nationality: Unnamed Celtic tribe
Occupation: Group leader

Geraint was the leader of a group of mans living on the Tin Isle who made contact with Cheiron when the latter led a group of centaurs on an expedition to reestablish the tin trade between the Tin Isle and the centaurs' homeland.

Cheiron found Geraint very intimidating based on his obvious physical superiority to centaurs and every other sentient species with which Cheiron was familiar except the gods. He was further intimidated by many of the answers Geraint gave to his questions. For instance, Geraint told Cheiron that the mans had built Stonehenge not to please their gods but to obtain knowledge of the universe for themselves through scientific inquiry, a desire unseen in other mortal species. And when Cheiron demanded that the mans stop slaughtering the Nuggies, Geraint assured him that the mans were doing no such thing, but that the Nuggies, upon making contact with mans, had all begun dying of shame. Though centaurs were much stronger-willed than Nuggies, Cheiron was able to understand how the presence of Geraint's people could instill such feelings of self-loathing.

Despite feeling inferior, Cheiron was able to negotiate a trade agreement with Geraint whereby the tin trade would resume. Geraint then invited the centaurs to join the mans for a feast to celebrate their new partnership. Geraint served the centaurs cerevisia, a beverage with which the centaurs were unfamiliar and which they did not know contained alcohol. The centaurs became intoxicated, to disastrous effect. Geraint set man warriors in pursuit of the centaurs, who fled back to the Inner Sea and barely escaped Geraint's wrath with their lives.