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Georgia is a state in the Southern United States. It is bordered by North Carolina and Tennessee to the north, South Carolina to the east and northeast, Florida to the south, Alabama to the west, and the Atlantic Ocean to the east. Its capital and largest city is Atlanta.

It was established in 1732, making it the last of the Thirteen Colonies. It revolted against British rule in the American Revolution and was the fourth state to ratify the United States Constitution, which it did on January 2, 1788.

It seceded from the Union on January 21, 1861 and was one of the original seven Confederate States.

Georgia in The Disunited States of AmericaEdit

Georgia was one of the many nation-states that emerged in North America after the United States fell apart in the early 19th century. Ted Snodgrass had some 1920 Georgia shillings in his coin collection.

Georgia in The Guns of the SouthEdit

Georgia succeeded from the Union during the Second American Revolution and joined the Confederacy.

During the 1867 presidential election, it was one of six states that Confederate Party candidate Robert E. Lee carried in his election to the presidency. The state had 12 electoral votes during the election.[1]

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In late 1943, following the fall of Chattanooga, Tennessee, United States forces entered Georgia for the first time since Georgia's secession from the Union in 1861.

Georgia in The Two GeorgesEdit

In the aftermath of the Seven Years' War, Georgia was one of a number of colonies that chafed under unrepresentative direct British rule. However, a new arrangement was peacefully negotiated forming the North American Union. Thus, Georgia was one of the oldest Provinces of the NAU.

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In addition to OTL Georgia, the province includes most of Alabama.[2]

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