Georgetown was the capital of the kingdom of Detina and seat of administration. It was located between the provinces of Parthenia and Peterpaulandia. The Black Palace was situated in this city. The city was the heart of the kingdom and most glideway lines led to Georgetown. Some emancipated blond serfs came to the capital and worked beside dark-haired folk.

During the Detinan Civil War, the city came under attack by "King" Geoffrey's forces under Duke Edward of Arlington, who saw it as a symbol of King Avram and everything he stood for. However continual defeats and events farther west forced the northerners to stop their offensive and defend places nearer to home. Earl Early the Jubilant was the last northern commander to pose a serious threat to Georgetown.

Barre was a popular stage actor in Georgetown in the closing days of the war. One evening at the House of the Rat, two generals overheard him making disturbing remarks about King Avram.

Literary Comment[]

The city of Georgetown is based upon the city of Washington, DC. That city is named after George Washington. It also includes a neighborhood named Georgetown (formerly a city in Maryland) within its borders.