Fictional Character
"The Thing in the Woods"
Set in OTL (?)
Type of Appearance: Direct
Species: Vampire
Nationality: Unknown
Occupation: Student

Geoffrey was a young boy. He spent a good deal of his free time playing war games with his friend Tim. One night, when Tim was preparing to leave Geoffrey's home, they heard an unusual and hair-raising howling from the woods behind Geoffrey's house. Geoffrey was amused by Tim's obvious alarm, and suggested that a werewolf lived in the woods behind his house.

The next day, after a math quiz, Geoffrey teased Tim about his fears of werewolves. The two nearly came to blows, until the woodshop teacher, Mr. Tepesh, happened by.

They made up, and Tim visited Geoffrey's house a few nights later. Once again, as Tim was preparing to leave, he heard the howl, and again, Geoffrey enjoyed tormenting Tim.

Roughly a month after they first heard the noise, Tim visited Geoffrey's house the night of the full moon. Geoffrey played a joke on Tim, chasing after Tim in a werewolf costume. When Tim realized it was Geoffrey, he attacked Geoffrey, promising to run a stake through Geoffrey's heart. This final conflict drove all thoughts of werewolves from Tim's head. They two went into the house.

The following Friday, Geoffrey spent the night over at Tim's house. After several hours of playing their war game, Tim's mother reminded them that the sun would be up soon, and that the young vampires needed to brush their fangs and get into their coffins for the day.