Gardena is a small city located approximately 15 miles south of downtown Los Angeles, California. Harry Turtledove spent much of his youth living in Gardena.

Gardena in "Hindsight"[]

Gardena was home to Michelle Gordian, the time traveling science fiction author that captivated Pete Lundquist.[1]

Gardena in The House of Daniel[]

In 1934, Gardena was an agricultural suburb with large Mexican and Japanese populations. The agriculture led a businessman named J.N. Hill to open a feed store there.[2] One of his employees was a young woman named Michelle "Mich" Carstairs, who'd left Ponca City, Oklahoma to escape a criminal who wanted to make her pay her brother's debts.[3]

It had several company-based semipro baseball teams. On August 12, 1934, the House of Daniel played the Strawberry Park Pickers, winning 6-2.[4] The next day, the House played the Redondo Beach Sand Dabs, beating them 11-3.[5]

Gardena in Southern Victory[]

Chester Martin worked in Gardena as a construction worker and later union organizer.

Gardena in "The Weather's Fine"[]

Gardena was home of Barefoot Sounds, the old music store[6] where Tom Crowell gave up his 1980s job in order to stay with his old girlfriend, Donna, permanently in the 1960s.[7]

Gardena in Worldwar[]

In the early 1960s, Gardena was the hometown of the Yeager family, exiled Shiplord Straha, and Straha's bodyguard Gordon.


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