These characters are members of the Galtier family in Southern Victory.

Alphonse Archambault[]

(The Grapple)

Alphonse Archambault was a dentist practicing in Riviere-du-Loup, Quebec. He was the father of Paulette Archambault and the father-in-law of Lucien O'Doull.[1]

Paulette Archambault[]


Paulette Archambault married Lucien O'Doull in Riviere-du-Loup, Quebec in 1943.[2]

Charles Galtier[]

See: Charles Galtier

Denise Galtier[]

See: Denise Galtier

George Galtier[]

See:Georges Galtier

Jeanne Galtier[]

See:Jeanne Galtier

Lucien Galtier[]

See:Lucien Galtier

Marie Galtier[]

See:Marie Galtier

Nicole O'Doull née Galtier[]

See:Nicole O'Doull

Susanne Galtier[]

See:Susanne Galtier

Harvey O'Doull[]

(Blood and Iron)

Harvey O'Doull was the father of Leonard O'Doull. In 1921, he and his wife Rose travelled to Riviere-du-Loup, Quebec from his home in the United States to celebrate the birth of his grandson, Lucien O'Doull. During his visit to Quebec he was a houseguest of his son's in-laws, Lucien and Marie Galtier.[3]

Leonard O'Doull[]

See:Leonard O'Doull

Lucien O'Doull[]

See:Lucien O'Doull

Rose O'Doull[]


Rose O'Doull (d. c 1940) was the mother of Leonard O'Doull. In 1921, she travelled to Riviere-du-Loup, Quebec from her home in the United States to celebrate the birth of her grandson, Lucien O'Doull. During her visit to Quebec she was a house guest of her son's in-laws, Lucien and Marie Galtier.[4]

By 1941, Rose O'Doull had passed away.

Other Galtiers[]

Though Lucien O'Doull is the only child of Leonard O'Doull and Nicole Galtier, the other Galtier children all followed the practice of their parents and other Quebecois of the time and had large families. At several points, various Galtier characters attempt to enumerate how many grandchildren Lucien and Marie have; however, the number changes somewhat rapidly, and there is never a final tally. In the series' final scene set in Riviere-du-Loup, Leonard reflects that his son "might be an only child, but he was an only child with a raft of first cousins."[5] Lucien O'Doull is the only Galtier relative of his generation who is ever introduced to the reader by name. Likewise, though all six Galtier children eventually married, Leonard O'Doull is the only spouse ever identified by name.

Marie Galtier had at least two siblings, one brother and one sister. Each was married and had undetermined numbers of children and grandchildren. These siblings and their families are written into the scene of Marie's funeral, along with "some cousins."[6] The brother serves as a pallbearer.[7] None of these people are named.

In the same scene, Lucien thinks back to the funerals of his parents. They are also unnamed.[8]


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