Galbraith and Hester
Fictional Group
Crosstime Traffic
Appearance(s): Gunpowder Empire
The Disunited States of America
Type of Appearance: Posthumous references
Nationality: Unrevealed
Members: Samaki Galbraith
Liz Hester
Years Active: Mid 21st century
Occupation: Chronophysicists

Samaki Galbraith and Liz Hester were chronophysicists who, in the 2040s, discovered the secret of traveling from the home timeline to other timelines.[1] Their discovery came at just the right time, as the world's oil resources were beginning to dry up. With the secret of crosstime travel, the home timeline had access to the resources of countless worlds. The company Crosstime Traffic was founded not long after.

There were no parallels to Galbraith and Hester in any other alternate, and it was the policy of Crosstime Traffic to watch out for any alternate that seemed on the verge of discovering crosstime.


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