Gabriela and Brandon was an American television program named after its co-hosts Gabriela Sandoval and Brandon Nesbitt. The two along with Saul Buchbinder created it and shared equal partnership it. It was a shock show with guests such as Paddy Bergeron, a cross-dressing, meth-dealing, armed robber. Buchbinder thought that episode was good enough to save for sweeps week. They also did specials that built on Sandoval's reputation as a investigative reporter. On one occasion, Nesbitt convinced Buchbinder who convinced Sandoval to do a special on the discovery of a red heifer on location in Israel.[1]

In addition to the two stars and Buchbinder, a large production crew and their equipment traveled from JFK to Ben Gurion Airport on El Al. Before boarding, they were subject to a thorough grilling and baggage search. On arrival, customs was alarmed by the amount of luggage and demanded a complete inventory. This took several hours before the group were allowed to leave the airport and check into the Alexander Hotel in Tel Aviv.[2]


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