The French Colonial Forces commonly called La Coloniale, was a general


designation for the military forces that garrisoned in the French colonial empire from the late 17th century until 1960. They were recruited from mainland France or from the French settlers and indigenous populations of the French colonial empire. This force played a substantial part in the conquest of the empire, in both World Wars as well as in the First Indochina War.

French Colonial Forces in Southern Victory[]

As the Great War continued to draw out, the French, desperate for man power, started putting their Colonial Troops in the front lines, but their African troops achieved the most fame as they fought and died just as bravely as France's white soldiers. Their fighting reputation during an offensive was such that German soldiers feared them.[1]

French Colonial Forces in The War That Came Early[]

As the Germans pushed deeper into northern France, threatening Paris, the French used their African Colonial soldiers in the vital battle of Laon.


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