Freetown was the second English colony established in Atlantis. It eventually became both a city and state of the United States of Atlantis.


In 1458, a flotilla from Dover established the new town some 80 miles south of New Hastings. As the War of the Roses had driven many people to the shores of Atlantis, the people of New Hastings were pleased to see the additional help.

However, that good feeling faded when the discoverer of Atlantis, Breton fisherman François Kersauzon, established Cosquer several miles south of Freetown. The staunchly nationalist citizens of Freetown met with Edward Radcliffe, founder of New Hastings, and demanded that the two settlements join to force the Bretons out. Radcliffe refused, considering Kersauzon a friend, and made it clear to the Freetown delegation that if they attacked Cosquer, New Hastings would attack Freetown.

The French and Spanish War[]

Freetown was targeted by French forces under Roland Kersauzon during the colonial war in the mid 18th century. The British, under Lt. Colonel Charles Cornwallis, realized that the loss of Freetown would be a substantial blow to their war effort. Major Victor Radcliff (a descendant of Edward Radcliffe) led troops to intercept Kersauzon, harassing him as his men marched toward Freetown, and establishing an earthenwork to stand in his men's way. Rather than oblige Radcliff, Kersauzon held back, waiting for French regulars under the command of Louis-Joseph de Montcalm-Gozon. Reinforced with professionals, Kersauzon's force overran the makeshift fort and drove on Freetown. Nonetheless, British troops were able to hold Freetown during a long siege.