Fredericksburg is an independent city in the Commonwealth of Virginia located 50 miles south of Washington, D.C., and 58 miles north of Richmond. It was the site of an important American Civil War battle in December 1862.

Fredericksburg in The Disunited States of AmericaEdit

Justin Monroe and his mother claimed Fredericksburg was their home while visiting an alternate where the United States dissolved in the early 19th century. That wasn't completely untrue.

Justin had to remind himself not to make allusions to the Fredericksburg battle from the Civil War, as that entire conflict did not happen in this alternate.

Fredericksburg in Southern VictoryEdit

Fredericksburg was the site of two major battles during the Second Great War.

Confederate troops had an extremely strong defensive position at Fredericksburg and were able to inflict heavy casualties on attacking U.S. forces on two separate occasions.

Coincidentally, during the Great War, Jake Featherston's First Richmond Howitzers were drawn up on the Marye's Heights outside Fredericksburg when word of the Confederate surrender reached them. Featherston was extremely frustrated by this, as he was confident that the position could be defended for a long time.

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