Fictional Character
Chicxulub Asteroid Missed
POD: 66 million years ago
Appearance(s): "The Quest for the Great Gray Mossy"
Type of Appearance: Direct
Nationality: Unnamed
Species: Greenskin
Religion: World Egg
Occupation: Mossy hunter

Frask was the third mate aboard the Queepahd. Tashteg was his harpooner.[1]

He participated in Captain Baja's destructive quest for the Great Gray Mossy. When the Queepahd finally found the Mossy, Frask's boat aided in the hunt. After the Great Gray Mossy sank the boat commanded by Shtup, caused Baja's death by drowning, and ate harpooners Geekgeek and Faidal, it came up beneath Frask's boat, sending all aboard into the ocean, then used its tail to beat the water and flailed the mariners, killing them all.[2]

Literary Comment[]

Frask is based on Flask from Moby-Dick.


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