Franz Wormser
Fictional Character
"Christmas Truce"
POD: December 25, 1914
Type of Appearance: Direct
Nationality: Germany
Date of Birth: 19th century
Affiliations: Imperial German Army
(Great War)

Franz Wormser was a Hauptmann and company commander with the 16th Bavarian Infantry Reserve Regiment during the Great War. On Christmas Day, 1914, his company was in the trenches outside Messines, Belgium. He was able to still enjoy the informal truce the combatants had brokered for the day. He himself spent time with British officers, making use of his Cambridge education, until a German messenger named Adolf Hitler grew enraged by the truce, and started firing on the British officers, killing one. The other, Lt. Bill Meadows, promptly shot Hitler dead. Wormser quickly convinced Meadows that Hitler had been a lone maniac, and that the loss of the British officer had been avenged. Meadows agreed.

Wormser knew Hitler by sight, but had to look at his identity disk to remember his name.[1]


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