Franz Joseph I of Austria
Historical Figure
Nationality: Austria-Hungary (born in Empire of Austria)
Date of Birth: 1830
Date of Death: 1916
Cause of Death: Pneumonia
Religion: Catholicism
Parents: Archduke Franz Karl,
Sophie of Bavaria
Spouse: Elisabeth of Bavaria, his first cousin (d. 1898)
Children: Four
Relatives: Maximilian I of Mexico (brother);
Franz Ferdinand (nephew);
Charles I of Austria (grandnephew);
Dom Pedro II of Brazil (first cousin)
House: Hapsburg
Political Office(s): Emperor of Austria,
King of Hungary,
President of the German Confederation,
Other lesser titles
Fictional Appearances:

Franz Joseph I (18 August 1830 – 21 November 1916) of the Hapsburg Dynasty was Emperor of Austria, Apostolic King of Hungary and King of Bohemia from 1848 until 1916. His 68-year reign, the fourth-longest in the recorded history of Europe, made him the longest-serving German-speaking king or emperor who is known to have at least nominally ruled. (A number of German rulers had longer reigns, but only claimed a lower title such as Prince or Duke.)

It was the assassination of Franz Joseph's nephew and heir presumptive, Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria, on 28 June 1914, that led to World War I. Franz Joseph did not live to see the end of the war, or the collapse of his empire.

He was the elder brother of Maximilian I, the first and only Emperor of the short lived Second Mexican Empire from 1864 to 1867.

Franz Joseph I in "Last Flight of the Swan of the East"[]

Shared Universe Story
"Last Flight of the Swan of the East"
POD: 1878
Type of Appearance: Contemporary reference

In 1914, Franz Joseph's heir Franz Ferdinand was killed along with his wife, Sophie in Sarajevo by a "Serbian maniac." Franz Joseph's government immediately began making demands on the Serbian government. While Serbia agreed to most of the demands, Serbia would not let Austria-Hungarian agents to help investigate the assassination. Serbia's approach insured that its allies would support it against Austria-Hungary; conversely Franz Joseph's allies would still see Austria-Hungary as aggrieved. A global war broke out in short order as the Russian Empire came to Serbia's aid, and the German Empire backed Austria-Hungary.[1]

Franz Joseph's leviathans began bombarding Belgrade in short order.[2]

Franz Joseph I in Southern Victory[]

Southern Victory
POD: September 10, 1862
Appearance(s): American Front;
Walk in Hell
Type of Appearance: Contemporary references
King-Emperor Franz Joseph I died in the second year of the Great War, before Austria-Hungary and the allied Central Powers emerged victorious over the Entente in 1917.[3]

During his time on the United States General Staff, Major Irving Morrell had a superior who strongly resembled Franz Joseph.[4]

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Royal offices
Preceded by
Ferdinand I
Austrian Emperor
King of Hungary

Succeeded by
Charles I
Political offices
Preceded by
Ferdinand I of Austria
President of
the German Confederation

Succeeded by
Wilhelm I of Prussia
as President of the North German Confederation
Royal offices
(Fictional Work)
Preceded by
Ferdinand I
King-Emperor of Austria-Hungary
("Last Flight of the Swan of the East")

Succeeded by
Incumbent at story's end, 1915
Royal offices
(Southern Victory)
Preceded by
Ferdinand I
King-Emperor of Austria-Hungary
1848-1916 (presumed)
Succeeded by
Charles I