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Frankfurt am Main, commonly known as Frankfurt, is the largest city in the German state of Hesse and the fifth-largest city in Germany, with a 2012 population of 687,775. The city is at the center of the larger Frankfurt Rhine-Main Metropolitan Region which has a population of 5,600,000 and is Germany's second-largest metropolitan region.

Frankfurt is the largest financial center in continental Europe and ranks among the world's leading financial centers. It is home to the European Central Bank, Deutsche Bundesbank, Frankfurt Stock Exchange and several large commercial banks.

Frankfurt in The Man With the Iron Heart[]

Frankfurt became the center of the American occupation zone in Germany after World War II. In 1946, it had developed a substantial residency area, with various soldiers bringing their families into a very secured area.

As the German Freedom Front had already destroyed the Palace of Justice in Nuremberg the prior November, the US decided to try various captured Nazi officials in Frankfurt. The GFF stopped these trials by setting off a radium bomb in the American residency area. Hundreds were killed, and Frankfurt was left radioactive. The explosion spread enough radium that even the Soviets were nervous about radiation.

Frankfurt in Southern Victory[]

Early in the Second Great War, Frankfurt came under attack from the RAF and the French Air Force. The British claimed smoke from fires rose thousands of feet into the air.[1]


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