Fox and Empire  
Series Elabon Series
Genre(s) Fantasy
Publisher Baen
Publication date 1998
Preceded by King of the North

Fox and Empire is the final volume in the Elabon Series. It was originally published by Baen in 1998. The title is a reference to Isaac Asimov's novel Foundation and Empire.

Fox and Empire is set twenty years after the events of Werenight. When the novel opens, Gerin the Fox, king of a large part of the northlands, is preparing for war against his neighbor, Aragis the Archer. Upon reaching the frontier, however, Gerin and Aragis find themselves allied in a conflict against a resurgent Elabonian Empire.

The situation is complicated by the appearance of Ferdulf, a demigod fathered by the Sithonian wine-god Mavrix on a peasant girl. Ferdulf is only four years old, but much more knowledgeable and powerful than a child and well aware of his divinity.