Fostoria is a city in Hancock, Seneca, and Wood Counties in the north-western part of the state of Ohio. It is approximately 40 miles south of Toledo and 90 miles north of Columbus. The population was 13,931 at the 2000 census. Fostoria is known for its glass heritage and railroading: two CSX main lines and one NS main line intersect in downtown Fostoria.

Fostoria in Southern VictoryEdit

Fostoria was the hamlet that Armstrong Grimes and Yossel Reisen Jr. made their next stand after being forced out of Findlay. It was important for the U.S. to hold Fostoria because five rail lines fanned out of the town.

Corporal Rex Stowe assigned Grimes sentry duty part way through the night and sent him out to relieve Gabby Priest. A few hours later, just at sunrise, Reisen arrived to relieve Grimes. Before he could do more than exchange passwords, the Confederates launched their attack starting with artillery and mules. Once more the U.S. was forced to retreat.

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