Battle of WiLi
Part of Detinan Civil War
Location Wesleyton, Franklin Province, Detina
Result Southron victory
Southron Detina Northern Detina
Commanders and leaders
Whiskery Ambrose James of Broadpath

Fort WiLi was the fort guarding Wesleyton in the Detinan Civil War. Southron forces under Whiskery Ambrose had garrisoned the fort, which northern Earl James of Broadpath sought to capture, to weaken the southrons' hold at Rising Rock. James assigned Brigadier Alexander to concentrate his engines and rain firepots on the fort, while Brigadier Falayette led the foot soldiers. Colonel Simon the mage summoned lightning and demons to attack the fort from the air.

The assault was a disaster for James. Repeating crossbows shot the demons out of the sky, while the ground attack was slowed by the mundane southron precaution of stringing wire on the ground in front of the northern position. James realized his forces were licked, and sued for truce. Ambrose sent a herald to grant James two hours to gather his wounded men from the field. This ended James' hopes of taking Wesleyton.[1]

Literary comment[]

The battle of Fort WiLi is based on that of Fort Sanders on November 29, 1863, which ended James Longstreet's attempt to dislodge Ambrose Burnside from Knoxville.

Fort Sanders was named for a man named William P. Sanders (1833-1863). By coincidence, another William Sanders (1942-2017) was an author whose speculative fiction appears alongside that of Harry Turtledove in Chicks in Chainmail, Alternate Generals, and other venues. The name WiLi appears to be a playful reference to one or both of these men.


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