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The Ford Model T (colloquially known as the Tin Lizzie, Flivver, T‑Model Ford, or T) is an automobile that was produced by Henry Ford's Ford Motor Company from 1908 through 1927. The Model T set 1908 as the historic year that the automobile became popular. It is generally regarded as the first affordable automobile, the car that opened travel to the common middle-class American; some of this was because of Ford's innovations, including assembly line production instead of individual hand crafting and one of the first cars to be sold all over the world.

Ford Model T in The Hot War[edit | edit source]

When Lt. Cade Curtis picked-up a PPSh from a dead Chinese soldier, he surprised Lou Klein, his staff sergeant who though he had been kidding about wanting one. Curtis explained that the sub-machine gun was like a Model T, rugged and would never wear out. Klein was amused by the comparison and reminisced about getting his face slapped in his father's Model T when the girl he was with wouldn't put out.[1]

Ford Model T in Southern Victory[edit | edit source]

The Model T was created by the Ford Motor Company in 1908 and became the most popular car in the United States before the Great War. It was so desirable that it was even exported the Confederate States. After the Great War started, the Model T's already imported in the C.S. proved difficult to maintain as none had been built locally.

During the Great War, many Model T's served as Staff Cars for US generals and officers.

References[edit | edit source]

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