Firt Battle of Weymouth
Part of Atlantean War of Independence
Date 1776
Location Weymouth, Atlantis
Result British capture of Weymouth
United States of Atlantis Britain
Commanders and leaders
Victor Radcliff William Howe

The First Battle of Weymouth was the first major engagement of the Atlantean War of Independence. Taking place to the north of the city of Weymouth, the battle was fought by the Army of the Atlantean Assembly to allow the arsenal inside the city to be sent south, to New Hastings, seat of government for the Atlantean Assembly.

British general William Howe was marching his British army south from the area around Hanover to capture the arsenal at Weymouth. Victor Radcliff, commander of the Atlantean army, sent cavalrymen under Habakkuk Biddiscombe to delay the British long enough for the rest of the Atlantean army to show up; Biddiscombe succeeded in this task, and the mostly un-trained and ill-disciplined Atlantean army arrived and took up positions behind walls lining the countryside. The Atlanteans poured ragged volleys of fire into the charging redcoats of Howe's force before withdrawing into the city.

The Royal Navy, prevented by prevailing winds from assisting during the battle, shelled Weymouth. Radcliff and other Atlanteans were distracted by the gunfire and were surprised when a deserter named Daniel Pipes told them of Howe's flanking manuever. His task of securing the arsenal completed, Radcliff pulled the Atlanteans out of Weymouth before Howe could strike, much to the British general's chagrin.

That winter, Radcliff was able to briefly retake Weymouth.