Fidgety Frank Carlisle
Fictional Character
The House of Daniel
Urban Fantasy
Type of Appearance: Direct
Nationality: United States
Occupation: Semi-professional baseball player
Sports Team: House of Daniel

Fidgety Frank Carlisle was the first pitcher for the House of Daniel in 1934. He earned the nickname "Fidgety" from his tendency to shift his body around when he was at the mound, making it almost impossible for batters to predict his pitches. He threw somewhere between three-quarters and sidearm.[1]

Carlisle had been with the House for quite some time. Within the realm of semipro baseball, Carlisle was a very good pitcher. The best example of this was when the House played in the Denver Post semipro tournament in June, 193. Carlisle pitched the second game of the final championship series of the tournament against the Pittsburgh Crawdads, even though the House had brought in a ringer, Carpetbag Booker, to pitch. Booker had played with the Regents in the past, and they were able to neutralize him in the first game of the series. Carlisle's pitching won the second game, and Booker won the third, thus winning the championship for the House.[2]

Jack Spivey became fairly close with Carlisle during his time with the House.[3] Carlisle had a taste for pulp fiction on his down time. In May, 1934, the House of Daniel were out and about in Artesia, New Mexico during the full moon when a werewolf charged them. Carlisle had read about werewolves' silver weakness, and hit the werewolf in the nose with a silver half-dollar, driving it off. He explained he'd learned that trick from a work by a hack writer named Iverson.[4]

Carlisle wished Jack Spivey well when he left the team in early 1935.


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